The Moodle system could be installed on any computer that could run on PHP

The Moodle learning management system is a licensed free open-source software. It allows teachers, trainers and administrators to manage online learning and training. Moodle developers are enjoying considerable demand these days. Organizations or companies that want to run the Moodle system on the enterprise level may need additional development, customization and services to ensure that the e-learning platform is suited for their needs. Customers could highly benefit from Moodle solutions, as well as other features and services. The system is an effective tool to get a learning program off the ground. The learning system is indeed a splendid one for initiatives such as performance orientation, performance portals, compliance portals, induction portals, reseller portals, assessment portals and enterprise-wide LMS solutions. Moodle development and Moodle developers could be integrated with a school, university or the IT systems of a corporation. For effective virtual learning and teaching, consider the Moodle learning system today.

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